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Unionfs problem

July 14, 2008 — BarryK
What to do about Unionfs? Version 2.3.3 is the latest, but myself and others have submitted bug reports:

I first reported this to their mail-list, then to Bugzilla on the 20th June. Nothing has been done so far. A couple of other guys have had the same non-response.

Today I want to build the kernel, and I wanted this to be the build that we stick with for a long time. Because of this Unionfs issue, I have been delaying...

Well, I suppose that I can stay with the kernel for 4.1alpha4.

I notice also the Squashfs developer has been tardy. The latest is version 3.3, released November 2007, but that does not compile with the 2.6.25 kernel. I had to get a fixed patch from the Ubuntu developers.


Username: kirk
The Squashfs developer has been trying to get it into the kernel for a while, maybe he's getting discouraged with the process. I don't understand why squashfs isn't main-lined. I bet over 95% of Linux users have squashfs patched into their kernel. Unionfs has had quite a re-work done since it was included in -mm and there seems to few Distributions still using it. I worry that there's not enough testing being done. AUFS may be the safer bet. Though it is a bit bigger.

Username: kirk
"No, Looks like the Squashfs developer is hard at it.

Username: dogone
"Any chance this will help?

Username: Phillip Lougher
"I'm not loosing interest in Squashfs - in fact as Kirk has mentioned, I'm currently busy working on another attempt to get it mainlined :-) I produced a patch for Squashfs 3.3 to compile on the 2.6.25 kernel a number of months ago, which I've sent to all the distribution kernel maintainers which asked for it. I also made a posting about it to the squashfs-devel mailing list. Squashfs CVS ( has the latest 3.3 kernel code, which incorporates the necessary changes to compile on 2.6.25, plus some major improvements to the internal Squashfs caches (in some cases a 20% performance improvement is seen). A new Squashfs 3.4 should have been released a month or two ago, but I decided it would be annoying to users to have a new filesystem layout (Squashfs 4.0) released soon after that. So I decided to skip the 3.4 release and make 4.0 the next release. As usual getting the 4.0 layout changes finalised has taken longer than expected. BTW the Ubuntu kernel patch is wrong (NFS filesystem exporting is broken). If you email me I can send you the patch for the released 3.3 kernel code, or preferably, use the current version from CVS. Phillip

Re: latest Squashfs
Username: BarryK
"Phillip, Thanks for responding and letting us know what is happening! I have just looked at CVS, and I see the 'linux-2.6.24.patch' was modified 4 weeks ago. There is no 'linux-2.6.25.patch' so I presume that the first one has been fixed for the 2.6.25 kernel. I hope that you get Squashfs into the kernel this time. I think that you must be frustrated with earlier obstructions when you tried to get it in.

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