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UniPup progressing

July 07, 2008 — BarryK
I'm running UniPup right now, and it's looking good. I want to fix a couple more things though before uploading a demo live-CD.

As already mentioned, UniPup runs in the initramfs, does not do a switch_root and does not have a layer f.s. on '/'. This is a very simple configuration, so I have rewritten the boot and shutdown scripts accordingly. The scripts are very simple.

I have implemented session-saving, just something primitive for now. I have been tossing ideas around in my head about the best way to save sessions, and I'm thinking that when the user installs packages, if the initrd.gz file is in a writable partition then offer to rebuild initrd.gz at shutdown with the new packages -- that way they will be compressed. Personal data, like stuff in /root and /etc, can still be saved to a normal save-file.
...yes, I might have a go at implementing that later today.


UniPup Sounds Cool!
Username: Jesse
Hey Barry, This UniPup idea sounds very cool! With the simpler approach it lends to a system more able for dynamic changes, swapping .sfs files, user save files, and potentially UniPup kernels/ramdisks as well with the kexec kernel function. I'm looking forward to an evaluation testing edition! Cheers, Jesse

Username: urban soul
"This IS exiting. Particularly the hybrid model unionfs/rebuild-initramfs. One idea I had in mind when testing SliTaz was to avoid rebuilding initramfs to be compressed - just because I am annoyed to wait at boot. SliTaz gives you the choice if/or how compression will take place. Looking forward! BTW I sent you the files some hours ago.

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