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Why do I bother?

July 27, 2008 — BarryK
Why do I even bother to request feedback?

Someone posted that they would like to test Pppoeconf, so I uploaded a tarball. No feedback.

A couple of people complained about no sound in Aspire One and Eeepc so I post responses asking for feedback, no response:


why do you bother?

Username: alphasurfer2k8
"Barry, If the fixes applied to me i would be right out there testing them and giving feedback. I always visit this blog to see what you got cooking! I really do appreciate your efforts and dedication.

other reason
Username: Botanic
"people may not be on their box everyday, so the feedback may take some time. And it's summer time, holidays :)

Username: dogone
"OK, how about this as a bottom line. If you want the Man to work for you, you gotta work for the Man. Linux is free. The time and effort that goes into it is not.

Many thanks
Username: veronicathecow
"Because of the amazing efforts and dedication of your self and others there are/is.... Many thousands of people using Puppy to educate people who might not otherwise be able to afford a system. Less landfill and lower carbon emissions because thousands of machines that would otherwise be scrapped are being used I did a whole list of other things but sadly the this blog software lost them all when it refused to accept my posting (I went back to try again and it had all gone!) Anyway many many thanks to Barry and everyone else involved. If I could test Puppy at the moment I would (Sadly it stops at loading kernel since early on in the series 4 but I will start again as soon as the bugs allow) Cheers Tony

Username: lobster
""Why do I even bother to request feedback?" Hope! :n_n: We hope people will get involved. They will test. Support. Build a community . . . Build a website . . . Create new programs . . . Enjoy Puppy. Spread the word. Host files. Create icons. Be interested. Send money. Send hardware. Send Goodwill. I must be a hopeless case . . . I keep hoping . . . Wait a minute . . . many of those things do happen . . . There is Hope!

I didn't find the blog till now
Username: Eqwatz
"Puppy is remarkable. I ran Puppy 3X on an IBM laptop and everything "just worked". Ran very fast and happily on 768MB ram. (When I mean everything, I also mean that I was able to connect via Intel WIFI as well.) It was a R51 Thinkpad--stolen out of my truck 2 weeks ago. Please tell me of ANY other OS that can do that? (Without major fiddling with drivers?) Puppy 3X ran on anything I threw at it. 4X drops my Promise Ultra 100/133 PCI cards and loses the drives at "pivot_root" to .sfs. I can't figure out why. /proc/partitions lists all of the drives and partitions; but all disappear including modules when Puppy finishes boot process. No entries in /dev no entries in pmount. It is strange. Pls shoot me email: to tell me where to look for the problem.

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