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August 04, 2008 — BarryK
Feedback so far on the "IDE kernel" doesn't show any particular advantage.

However, there is no reason why I can't release 4.1 with the kernel, same as used in 4.00.

Will have to release two flavours, the main one will have the kernel, and for people who experience trouble with that can use the alternative build with kernel.


I prefer same kernel
Username: Prit1
Thats a wonderful decision for me. On my laptops 4.00 with kernel works very well. I am happy. Thanks Barry. Your retirement though makes me sad and unsure about Puppy's future after you leave. I cannot stop you from making your decision. I do want to thank you very much for creating this wonderful distro and this is my first introduction to get a little deep into Linux.

Support for SMP
Username: archwndas
"Barry I have also experienced problems with the new 2.6.25.X kernel in several new Linux Distros. Generally it is not a wise thing moving to that direction. The kernel has a lot of problems and Bug reports in Forums blow up exponentially. Besides, what does 2.6.25.X provide which previous kernels do not? By the way, are you planning of including SMP support in 4.1? We would really love to see something like that. It would be really great if you did Barry.

kernel complilation?
Username: inged
"What about detailed explanations (do's and don'ts) for people wanting to compile and experiment with kernel features such as SMP, SCSI, etc, and keeping the good ol' tested kernel for the stable one? that would release some work from your shoulders when giving the 'know how' learned from experience. Maybe you can keep control that way of the stable releases and the community will take the bleeding edge releases (kernel and new applications).

Use a 'stable' kernel version
Username: pakt
"Why not use the kernel used by the latest Ubuntu 8.4, the LTS (Long Term Support) version? It is "2.6.24-19-generic #1 SMP". They obviously have judged this kernel to be stable enough for enterprise use. I saw that the 8.4 server edition uses a "Default 2.6.24-server Tickless, No Preemption, Deadline I/O, PAE, 100Hz" kernel. Any reason we shouldn't go that route?

IDE Kernel & QEMU
Username: paulh
"Ah! this is very interesting! A bit "niche" but still ... I haven't been able to get PupWinQE (Puppy under Windows in QEMU) to see the local "real" hard disk with any of the 4.1 series so far. But with the "IDE kernel" it can. There are problems with the drive mounter interface (it won't load at all) but from a console I can mount and umount real ptns plus I can save the session, none of which I could before.

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