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August 06, 2008 — BarryK
Ok, I have patched and compiled the kernel and built Puppy with it. The only third-party drivers included are squashfs, unionfs and aufs.

The purpose of this built is to do a crash-test. Those people who have tested an earlier 4.1 alpha and it locked up, please give this one a go. Two or three people I think, are in this category, who were testing 4.1alpha5. For example, Lobster.

I have set this build to version number '406', as I think some earlier testing is giving inaccurate results due to conflicts with earlier builds. For example, you tested '405' (4.1alpah5) with the normal PATA kernel, then later the variant with the "IDE kernel", it is possible that either the previous pup_save or the pup_405.sfs may have interfered -- as the pup_405.sfs may have got copied to hd when the pup_save was created.

Upping the version number fixes the problem of Puppy finding and using an old pup_406.sfs, but still, be sure to boot with 'puppy pfix=ram' so as not to use an old pup_save file.

Anyway guys, if you are in the "it crashes" category, kindly give this one a go. If still no good, I do have one more card up my sleeve, and will build another kernel -- I'll try the .config file from one of the othe distros, such as Slackware.

Get the crash-test Puppy from here:


Crash-test forum thread
Username: BarryK
I have started a forum thread for feedback:

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