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4.1.2: modem fix

August 08, 2008 — BarryK
Rerwin posted this:

I just discovered that a workaround I contributed in 3.98 now interferes with the functioning of the Intel ALSA slmodem, but that deleting it from MODULESCONFIG restores operation. I posted the following in the 4.1.1 Bugs thread to explain the problem.

4. The Intel alsa modems are not supported correctly, but the solution is simple! They are listed in /lib/modules/ as requiring both drivers snd-intel8x0m and slamr, although they should be assigned only to snd-intel8x0m. Without a workaround I provided during development of 4.0 (3.98), the correct driver gets assigned. But the workaround prevents that from occurring in 4.1.1.

The workaround, in /etc/rc.d/MODULESCONFIG, forces substitution of slamr, which apparently fails, because neither slamr or snd-intel8x0m get loaded. If line 14, beginning with "slamr", is deleted from MODULESCONFIG, snd-intel8x0m does get loaded and the modem operates without slamr being present.

Therefore, I request the following for 4.1.2:
a. That line 14 be deleted from the release.
b. In addition, line 13, which supports Lucent ISA modems on a particular ISA bridge can also be deleted; it results in false positives on some PCs without the modem installed, but that report them as present -- better to eliminate this special case, which the user can handle by forcing loading of driver ltserial.
The lines to be removed from the setting of PCI_OVERRIDES:
ltserial 0x00008086 0x00007110 #v3.98 PCI-to-ISA bridge to possible built-in Lucent modem. (Bridge not present in id list.) Lucent on Intel 82371AB/EB PCI-to-ISA bridge (EIO mode)
slamr 0x00008086 0x00002486 #v3.98 Agere Systems AC97 Modem

I hope you can delete lines 13 and 14 from MODULESCONFIG when you prepare 4.1.2. Thanks.

To manually upgrade Unleashed 4.1.1:

1. Edit puppy-unleashed/packages/0rootfs_skeleton-411/etc/rc.d/MODULESCONFIG, delete lines 13 and 14.

Note, I will be changing the version number of this package to 0rootfs_skeleton-412 just before 4.1.2 gets released.

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