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915resolution patched

August 22, 2008 — BarryK
I had patched the source of 915resolution 0.5.3 to support 1024x600 (945GM chipset) in the Acer Aspire One laptop. This is in 4.1alpha5 and 4.1alpha6.

Tempestuous has further patched the source to support the G33 (GMA3100) Intel chipset, device id 29c0:8086.

This latest patched version will be in the next Puppy (4.1beta).

You can try it now, tempestuous has posted it in this thread:


Intel 810 driver
Username: ICPUG
I ran alpha 6 for the first time today. I found that the file is still NOT there. This bug has been mentioned on the forum bug threads more than once since Dingo came out. This causes problems for many Intel graphic systems, not just the Intel 810 chipset. Why is this file removed - it was there in the series 3 Puppy? It is not suffcient to have just a simlink to It doesn't work. Effects vary but some people cannot get Puppy started because of it. This chipset is not that old. I would not expect support for it to be discontinued so soon, especially as it is quite common.

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