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Conservative kernel, modem fixes

August 14, 2008 — BarryK
I have compiled the "conservative" kernel and all 3rd-party modules and put it into Unleashed. This is for experimenting. We have a problem with one or more modem drivers with our latest kernel, so we shall find out if the conservative kernel fixes them. It may just be the tickless option though, in which case could go back to one kernel, with SMP enabled and tickless disabled. Anyway, we will narrow the problem down.

Unfortunately the latest /etc/init.d/slmodem script failed to detect my on-board ALSA modem so /dev/modem did not get set. So, I rolled back to the script from alpha5, which works.


Two dogs
Username: dogone
Let's dispense with the "conservative" label. How about "Tory" and "Whigger"? Seriously, I suggest we adopt working names for the two flavors of each release. Whatever the choices, simple, descriptive names that roll off the tongue are just plain more fun. These would not have to change from release to release.

further suggestion
Username: tempestuous
"Ah, the revised kernel is for misbehaving modem drivers. If these modem drivers are found to be OK with the conservative kernel, I would suggest a further experiment by compiling another kernel with all multi-processor options enabled (SMP + HyperThreading + Multicore) but keep "Tickless" disabled. If the modem driver(s) fails under such a kernel, there's still a chance that it might work if the kernel is booted with the "nosmp" option. Of course, this would be quite confusing for people with multi-processor machines who can only get their modem working by booting with "nosmp" ... so maybe the default boot option should be nosmp, and users need to consciously disable it?? But I'm guessing the outcome before testing. I have a PCI modem with Lucent chip (which I normally never use) if that's useful for testing.

S and M
Username: Raffy
"How about "single" and "multi" (processor, that is)? I've tried one-letter boot option like "s" or "m" by labeling boot options as "s" or "m" in isolinux.cfg. The default choice will be "s".

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