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FireFTP, SQLiteManager, ZombieKeys

August 21, 2008 — BarryK
This is exciting stuff! Kirk sent me a pm with links to these addons for SeaMonkey. He told me about FireFTP and a couple of others, but when I looked on the web I found more, and SQLiteManager is particularly nice.

FireFTP and SQLiteManager, once installed, appear in the 'Tools' menu in SeaMonkey, and start in a new tab. But, they can also be made to start as standalone applications. They are also quite small.

The problem with FireFTP though is it does not work quite right when run standalone -- the version that kirk sent me runs except that the Account management menu doesn't, rendering it useless. So, I tested an older version of FireFTP (0.64.4-mod), and the Account management menu did work, but then the Preferences menu didn't -- weird.

SQLIteManager on the other hand, seems to work well standalone, but then I don't know anything about SQL. The menus seem functional anyway.

I have put these into Puppy, also ZombieKeys, which supports the Microsoft keyboard shortcuts for entering accented and other weird international characters when you only have an English keyboard. These shortcuts are mostly easy to remember, but I have also created /usr/share/doc/keyshortcuts.htm and a link to it in the main Help page.

Given the state of FireFTP, only really able to work fully as a tab inside SeaMonkey, I won't abandon gFTP yet. Puppy 4.1beta will have both.

Here is where we got the addons from, you don't have to wait until the next release of Puppy!:

One way to install these, is just download a .xpi file, start SeaMonkey, select File -> Open, then just click the OK button each time you are asked a question. You will find FireFTP and SQLiteManager in the Tool menu. Note that FireFTP version 0.97.1-mod needs the xSidebar addon installed, but 0.96.4-mod does not.

The way you can run these apps standalone is quit SeaMonkey, open a terminal and type this:

# seamonkey -chrome chrome://fireftp/content/

# seamonkey -chrome chrome://sqlitemanager/content/


More addons for SM
Username: BarryK
Oh wow, I just found this... lots and lots of Firefox addons that have hacked to work properly in SeaMonkey, there is even a howto hack addons yourself: ...this guy is pretty knowledgeable, maybe we could ask him/her about the FireFTP standalone problem?

Username: lobster
"recommended block ads imagezoom online apps puppy style (would encourage developer)

Username: dogone
"NoScript - a security "must have". Mouse Gestures (or an equivalent) - very handy. For those not already aware, add-ons extend Seamonkey into near Earth orbit. Just click the little disk thingy in the upper-right corner of the browser anytime to go to the source.

Username: jamesbond
"I tested sqlite manager (but in firefox, not in seamonkey) - i consider it to be useful except that it has a very annoying bug - for whatever reason, some parts of the screen is not rendered properly. If it is rendered properly, it would be a good thing to have.

Username: lstandish
"I have tried FireFTP with Iceweasel (same as seamonkey, right?). Works great. Why not just let it be used inside seamonkey rather than standalone? (I'm looking for a command line switch to seamonkey to start with a plugin.) Another really great (and small) plugin is "View Source Chart" (draws color-coded chart of a web page's source code). Sorry I have not been able to download the latest alpha to help with testing (slow Internet).

plugins with iceweasel and seamonkey
Username: lstandish
"Duhh... I "discovered" the command line switch to start iceweasel with a plugin... it's the "standalone" method Barry explained! I did find out some interesting things, though. With iceweasel, which must be a different code fork from seamonkey, "standalone" mode with FireFTP *does* have working accounts management. In addition, the xSidebar addon is not installed in my iceweasel, even though I have FireFTP version 0.97.1. And, finally, my FireFTP plugin is the standard Firefox one. It looks like iceweasel is more compatible with firefox than seamonkey is.

Username: kirk
"Iceweasel is Debian's minor fork of firefox, so no need for xSidebar. I guess the port of Fireftp to Seamonkey isn't quite complete. It does seem to work well from inside Seamonkey.

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