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Flash video

August 19, 2008 — BarryK
Zigbert recommended that .flv files need to have a file association so that Gxine will play them. At first I thought, no, Gxine cannot play a Flash Video, but this overview page has corrected me:

Where to get some FLV files to play with? I found this:

The required mime-type is 'video/x-flv', and I presume that zigbert has requested that this be setup so that Gxine plays when a .flv file is clicked on in ROX-Filer. But, if I try to open a .flv file in SeaMonkey, SeaMonkey does not know what to do with it either.

I got that mime-type after a bit of research on the Internet (also given in the wikipedia page), however ROX-Filer thinks the mime-type for .flv files is 'application/x-flash-video'.

To fix SeaMonkey (and Firefox and many other apps), I added entries to /etc/mailcap and /etc/mime.types (using video/x-flv mime-type).


Linus on MIME
Username: prehistoric1
For those who arrived after the turn of the millennium, here is a quote from the founder and chief architect of Linux. > The people who created MIME not only should be convicted, they should be > shot on the spot. I have to admit that nobody involved at the beginning expected it to become what it is today. Most considered MIME a temporary expedient which would be replaced when the real Internet was designed. No such redesign has taken place. Programmers who care about their place in history should take this as a cautionary tale.

ctorrent -> dtorrent
Username: dogone
"Very off-topic, it appears ctorrent development has halted in favor of Enhanced CTorrent. This is an important utility so it would be great to see "dtorrent" in 4.1.

Rox and Firefox
Username: Raffy
"In 2.13, setting "Open with" sets the file association, and the user can also add then configure multimedia extensions in Firefox. I've been including this "Puppy Linux Song" by headfound as a fun way to test Flash in Puppy: (some aspects of this video needs updating, like the PuppyOS URL). In 4.1alpha6, this Flash video plays well when dropped to the gxine shortcut, but the barks were stuttered. (AMD XP2100 with SiS chipset) Here is an alternate URL for the Flash video mentioned above:

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