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ltserial modem driver

August 22, 2008 — BarryK
Rerwin reported this:

5. Lucent modem with ltserial sriver: Some success! The ltserial modem will work only in the conservative/uniprocessor iso. In the SMP iso, even with the nosmp parameter, probing and connecting to internet causes Puppy to freeze, necessitating a "reset".


Username: tempestuous
It seems a shame to have to create a Puppy release with two different kernels just to accommodate one particular modem driver .. especially when that modem driver is officially not recommended for modern kernels! But I realise that the Lucent winmodem chip is very common, and obviously useful for a lot of people. I just did some reading about the ltserial module, and it appears that there was some effort spent during its latter development to make it SMP-safe. But unfortunately this SMP compatibility was done at a much older stage of the Linux kernel. It seems to me that rather than investing effort in hacking this driver for the 2.6.25 kernel, effort would be better spent getting the officially recommended martian driver to work. I see that the martian source at puptrix is "20080617" There is now slightly more recent "20080625" source code at

Re: ltserial
Username: BarryK
"I sent a forum pm to rerwin at the same time as posted the above, but no reply yet. Many of the guys have regular jobs so have limited time for Puppy work, so they may have gaps between logging in. Well, I downloaded about half a dozen kernel SMP .config files about a week ago, and [i]none[/i] of them has tickless enabled. I will take that as a strong hint. Today I am moving up to the kernel and will compile it with tickless disabled.

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