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nosmp, font size, slusb delay

August 09, 2008 — BarryK
I have added the "nosmp" boot parameter as default, into 'createpuppy' and 'puppyinstaller' scripts.

Kj reported that changing the global font size does not work. I just tried it, works fine for me.

Rerwin reported a problem with the /etc/init.d/slmodem script running before the 'slusb' module has properly loaded, I presume that is causing a failure of the 'slmodemd' daemon. Rerwin fixed it with a 'sleep 3' at the beginning of the script.

I don't have anything better at this stage. and both run as separate parallel processes launched from rc.sysinit. does have a method of waiting for network interfaces to become available, but I can't think how to do it for the modems. So, for now I have just applied the very gross fix of a 'sleep 3' at the beginning of That does not slow down bootup speed at all, that is, the time taken for the desktop to appear.


font size
Username: KJ
Thanks for the font check Barry. I had trouble on different kits running 404 ... couldn't change the global font size over several reboots. No one else seemed to be reporting that problem so I thought that it might be my HW somehow. Puppy405 came out and he ran fine. Rechecked 404 just now on two kits and He runs fine. Sorry for the extra work .... Guess I need to cut down on the coffee. Thanks again, KJ

font size
Username: KJ
"It's the Acer Aspire 5570Z dual-core 1.5Ghz laptop (tho I could swear that it happen on all three kits). I've just tried Puppy 404,405 and 405ide and global font doesn't work ... click the icon and ..... nothing on that laptop. That's straight from the CD ... pfix=ram. Must be a HW thingy as no one else has reported it ... probably not worth any more of you time Barry ... but at least I now know I can have another cup of coffee. Thanks again, KJ

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