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Optical drive now released

August 09, 2008 — BarryK
4.1-testers reported that when upgrading from an earlier pup_save file, the CD/DVD drive remained mounted.

This is actually a bug from 4.00. When you boot Puppy from CD for the very first time, or boot with "pfix=ram", at shutdown you are asked if you want to copy the 'pup_xxx.sfs' file from CD to the same place as the pup_save file, and normally you would reply yes. Then at next bootup Puppy will find the pup_xxx.sfs file on the hard drive and use that.

However, when upgrading a pup_save, the CD has a later pup_xxx.sfs file, let's say 'pup_406.sfs' and this is only on the CD. If Puppy decides not to copy it to RAM then it is mounted from where it is, thus leaving the optical drive mounted.


Trash updated
Username: disciple
I updated the Trash roxapp slightly: It's an improvement to the "View summary" feature, and a well overdue update to the help file, which will hopefully reduce the number of people who can't figure out why things they delete aren't in the trash.

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