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Puppy GPRS

August 24, 2008 — BarryK
Lloyd has generalised his GPRS internet connection package to work with GPRS hardware other than the Multitech modem.

He created it as a PET package, posted here:

I have converted this into a "firmware tarball", which will install if the 'ti_usb_3410_5052.ko' module loads. However, other hardware situations may not use this module, so I have created /usr/sbin/pgprs-shell that is launched when 'GPRS Setup' is chosen in the Internet Connection Wizard -- this shell script will install the firmware package if not already, then run /usr/bin/pgprs-setup.

I decided against having the pgprs "firmware tarball" pre-installed, as it has scripts in /etc/ppp/peers that may interfere with analog dialup.

See my original blog post:


Username: lstandish
Hello Barry, so sorry to hear of your recent traumatic tooth-pulling! My 2 cents here: the GPRS scripts in peers, and the mods my PGPRS setup makes in /etc/ppp/pap-secrets, will not interfere in any way with analog dialup. I'm absolutely sure; I use analog dialup all the time alongside the GPRS, and have done so for years. My analog dialup is through a regular serial-port-connection external modem attached to a conventional (not GSM) cell phone. It is slower than GPRS so I use it only when my GPRS service is down. On the other hand, having PGPRS auto-install if GPRS setup is chosen in Internet Connection Wizard sounds fine. I am looking forward to seeing this!

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