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Retro kernel for 4.1

August 30, 2008 — BarryK
Awhile back I tested the kernel with 4.1alpha, but there were some problems, I don't recall exactly what.

Anyway, today I decided to give it another go. My intention is to build a 4.1 "retro" with the kernel, which will be configured almost the same as in 3.01 and 4.00. Then, the "standard" 4.1 can be the latest 2.6.25.x with some goodies like libata-PATA and SMP turned on.

I have embarked on this. I have made these changes to the kernel configuration compared with that used in 4.00:

General setup:

[ ] Create deprecated sysfs files
Processor type and features:
[ ] Tickless system
Pccard support:
[*] Load CIS updates from userspace
[ ] PCMCIA control ioctl
Block devices:
< > Low performance USB block driver
Instrumentation support:
[*] Profiling support
[*] 0Profile support

Regarding tickless, both pup 3.01 and 4.00 have this enabled, but after recent research I think it better disabled for a "retro" kernel.


encrypted multi-session data

USB mouse recognition at boot
Username: charlie6
"Maybe I am coming a bit late with this...? Would you please feature the Puppy4.1x (for x>=2) version(s) with the same USB recognition as on Puppy4.0 or 3.01. Testing Puppy411rc and Puppy411retro showed that USB mouse (i.e. Wacom tablet which I am using as mouse, or for grahic applicatoin using the pen) are no longer recognized as it was the case on Puppy3.01 and Puppy4.0dingo. Cheers! Charlie

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