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SMP kernel the problem?

August 07, 2008 — BarryK
I suddenly had a thought. Perhaps the lockup problem experienced by Lobster and one or two other testers is due to the SMP kernel. The kernel in 4.00 is configured as a "uniprocessor kernel", it is only when I went up to the 2.6.23 and later that I configured for multiprocessor (SMP) kernel.

Note that the reason I was somewhat slow to move up to a SMP kernel is that the docs supplied with the kernel source state that it may not work on all uniprocessor systems. Perhaps Lobster is one of those unlucky ones.

So, I have compiled a uniprocessor kernel, but found that none of the previous modules work -- too much of a fundamental change to the kernel architecture. So rigt now I'm recompiling the modules.

So Lobster, if you will be so kind as to help out yet again, I'll upload another Puppy soon, with the uniprocessor kernel, and you can find out if that locks up.

The latest and were released at the same time, and their changelogs are identical. So, it looks like bug fixes are getting applied to both. Even so, the 2.6.26.x series has architectural differences from the 2.6.25.x series and should be considered as less mature. But then, some Puppy-enthusiasts are keen on the new OLPC support in 2.6.26.x.



Username: lobster
""So Lobster, if you will be so kind as to help out yet again" No worries. Will do. I now have two complete machines (including the problematic one) Testing and using one main machine was not so straightforward. Got your headphone mic working yet? If registering from Gizmo - you can leave voicemail with PSIP - or receive it - which can be very convenient . . .

No oxymoron - fast OS for fast machine
Username: disciple
""Why would anyone with a multiple core processor want to be using a compact, liveCD-based distro." Why would they want to be using anything else? I wouldn't :) Puppy is the best. That's why people occasionally reveal they've been running Puppy on SMP machines even though he only uses one core. And why not have a faster OS than everyone else?

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