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t2-to-puppy support scripts

August 30, 2008 — BarryK
As kirk and others are interested in the T2-route for creating Puppy, I am making available some scripts that I whipped up back when I used T2 to build all the base packages for Puppy 4.00.

I have created a thread on the forum and uploaded the scripts there -- or rather, I'm trying to. First try, I got "400 bad request" -- so trying again.... nup, now get "page load error". Oh well...

UPDATE: The forum started working again, this also now in forum thread:

I have uploaded the scripts, here, as 't2-to-puppy-scripts.tar.gz':

And here is the content of the README file in that tarball:
These scripts with '0' to '3' prefix, I wrote back when I compiled T2 and

created the first build that was to become Puppy 4.00.

It has been awhile since I have looked at these scripts, and they will
definitely need improving/updating.

For a start, you will have to change the paths to suit your setup.

I now favour a different way of creating the 'puppy-devx' folder:
I think it is better for the scripts to create all the split packages
in puppy-unleashed/packages, for example:


However, for those cases where a package will go totally into the
'puppy-devx', then just have the entire package named appropriately,
for example:


puppy-unleashed/createpuppy script already has the mechanism to aid with
building the 'puppy-devx' from the _DEV packages:
'on' _DEV packages, or any 'on' normal package that also has a _DEV package,
are copied to puppy-unleashed/devx-extra.

The script '' copies the contents of puppy-unleashed/devx-extra into puppy-devx, then builds the devx_xxx.sfs.

In my system, the layout is:

puppy-development/ puppy-devx/ puppy-unleashed/

Barry Kauler

Tags: puppy