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Theme for 4.1

August 23, 2008 — BarryK
I have decided to leave it the same as 4.00. Coming up with a theme that looks as nice is no mean feat, so instead I am treating it as the "Puppy4 signature theme". After all, it is really the newcomers that we want to give a good initial impression to, and they will not have seen 4.00.


"I have decided to leave it the same as 4.00."

Re: Theme for 4.1
Username: capoverde
"Some like it hot, some like it cool - the warm feeling of the Gradient Brown theme suits me better, but that's just a personal choice (BTW, just some more difference between the intensity of colors for an active or inactive window seems advisable). A screenshot of this theme on icons and windows over a seabed background, with the feel of a stroll in knee-deep water at the beach:

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