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September 04, 2008 — BarryK
I have upgraded from version 0.5.0-74 (in 4.1alpha7) to 0.5.0-77. The main thing is that Siddhesh has fixed Yahoo file transfer. I think it was mentioned in the forum that there is still some problem with MSN, but overall Ayttm is looking good.


Ayttm 75
Username: Bm
I did the Yahoo file xfer testing and raised the msn connection problem. The file transfer, as done in the -75 version was still not correct. I posted my findings in the thread of Ayttm and GeoW past the information to Siddesh. If you want me to test with the -77 version, I can do it, but where can it be found?

Ayttm 75
Username: B
m"I am sorry. Spoke too quickly and just saw the -77 is available in the thread ayttm. Will test and comment.

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