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Battery monitor, Pburn, Network Wizard, Trash

September 07, 2008 — BarryK
One thing that was missing from the 4.1 boot scripts was code to explicitly load the battery, ac, thermal and fan modules. Kirk provided this code, that was included in 4.00 (in /etc/rc.d/rc.modules2), and I have copied this into /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit in 4.1. Now, running 4.1retro, I get the battery monitor when running on my laptop.

Zigbert's Pburn has been upgraded to version 2.0.3.

Dougal's Network Wizard has been upgraded to version 20080904.


system clock
Username: dogone
Barry, this sad story goes back a way. In short, Puppy's system time philosophy clashes with that of Ubuntu/Mint/Debian. Those system set the system hardware clock (RTC) to UTC time and correct their software clocks based on the user's timezone. Puppy, on the other hand, regards the time input by the user as "the" time and sets the system RTC to that time. Problems arise when dual-booting, as the two systems battle over the RTC. The time always incorrect on one system. Period. Can we get from you either a policy statement re why Puppy does what it does or some idea as to why to problem hasn't been addressed? It really is "time" to put this one to bed.

system clock
Username: dogone
"Some quick research suggests that Puppy is similar to XP in that it sets the system RTC to local (user's) time. The Linux convention is to set the RTC to UTC, thus clashing with XP. If this is so, the solution is to make this configurable. "Set system hardware clock to UTC: Y/N"

XP versus UNIX time
Username: drongo2
"I have always thought the UNIX time convention was better than the MS one. There is no universal solution for Puppy. If you are dual booting with Windows you will need the MS method. If you are dual-booting with Linux/UNIX you will need another method. If you are triple booting with Windows and Linux you have an intractable problem. Perhaps you could ask the question "are you dual booting with MS?" or "are you dual-booting with another Linux?" and set the clock mode as required. Programmes such as Wireshark assume you are using UTC when timestamping packets. This causes a problem when using them on most Windows machines.

Username: kirk
"On my laptop with 4.1, all of those modules have been loading plus lots of other acpi modules. Surprised you have to do that.

Default Time for RTC
Username: scott
"This issue has been discussed in many forums over the years. Here are the questions to ask: 1. Does this system only run Puppy Linux? 2. Do you dual-boot with only non-Windows OS's (other Linux variants, BSD variants, MacOS, SunOS)? 3. Is your computer connected on a LAN with other Linux/UNIX computers, or do you ever synchronize your files with other systems? 4. Do you mostly use Puppy Linux and only occasionally boot Windows? If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you should set the RTC to UTC. Only if you answer NO to all four would I suggest setting the RTC to local time. For situations (3) and (4), there are two hacks you can make to your windows system to make it work better with UTC: (A) If your system is connected to the internet (or at least to timeserver, some routers support the NNTP protocol), create a two-line batch file (e.g., settime.bat) with: w32tm /resync exit Put this in the Startup folder, then every time you boot and log in to Windows it will reset Windows' notion of time without changing the RTC. (B) If you don't like the above option, or don't connect to a timeserver, the following hack can be used. It is NOT maintained in Windows NT/2K/XP/Vista and apparently does not always work after a suspend/resume and various other cases, but is presented for completeness. Used regedit to set the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Control/TimeZoneInformation/RealTimeIsUniversal to the value (dword) 1. If the key doesn't exist, you should create it.

Re: battery etc modules
Username: BarryK
"Kirk, I thought so... but I'm running the 4.1retro and it doesn't load them.

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