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Dialup deliberations

September 04, 2008 — BarryK
I have started to look at some suggestions from rerwin, posted Aug 30:

'cd /sbin' near end of pup_event_backend_modprobe. I have done it, although I don't understand it.

'rm -f /dev/ttyS_ESS0 /dev/ttySLT0 /dev/ttyS_PCTEL0 /dev/ttyLTM0' is now in /usr/sbin/modemprobe_erase

Rerwin also posted about the dgcmodem, Sept 2. Ok, I have put in the "firmware tarball". Rerwin, one thing I notice, you advise 'Dgcmodem:dgcusbdcp.ko' but the firmware directory is 'dgcmodem' -- do you want it to be an upper-case 'D'?

Some of the other points raised by rerwin I will look into, but dialup will still be a work-in-progress when 4.1final comes out. What needs to happen I think is that Unleashed needs to be setup in a revision control system (CVS/SVN/GIT) and the "trusted core developers" need direct access. These developers are competent guys and should be able to modify directly without going through me. One thing that I'm acutely aware of sometimes -- I am jumping from topic to topic, and sometimes my assessment may be shallow or miss some point. For example, I was busy this morning rewriting /sbin/pup_event_frontend_d, after that did a few other small things, then just now got into vetting rerwin's recent contributions and ideas. Then I have to move on, have something else to test tonight. I reckon in the future, those guys who really know what's going on inside Puppy, who have a good knowledge of scripting and a track record of excellent contributions, should be rewarded and allowed to have more direct power.

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