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Meet Sally

September 02, 2008 — BarryK
My daughter's two little dogs, April and Vincent, have already featured on this blog. Here they are again:

They have had offspring, born 10th August, five little pups. With the unknown genetic heritage, there are some interesting variations. Here are four of the pups:

Two are black, two white, one is light brown. The biggest black, a boy, the smallest is also black, a girl. I have taken a liking to the smallest, in the above photo and have already started calling her "Sally".

Both the large black and the brown one have pronounced wrinkles on the nose -- you can make that out in the pup on the right in the above photo.


Nice Puppies
Username: JustGreg
Nice puppies. As far as the unknown genetic background, it maybe blessing. I have owned several dogs, that I described as the new genetic deverse "Multiple Universal Talents and Traits" (aka MUTT) dogs. They have been excellent companions and well behaved in general. Please feel free to use the definition of MUTT, I have found it even helps with "dog snobs". Here in the USA, many of the local humane societies offer low cost or no cost "fixing" services for the father and mother. I check with your Austrillian equalivalent. They may be able to help out.

getting fixed
Username: deNiros
"They look nice, but sleepy :p. The "unknown heritage" is probably a positive thing, because crossings tend to be stronger. The clinic here, which is really an excellent clinic for dogs, advices to fix the dogs 2 or 3 months after they had their first period. I hope all goes well with your new puppy and that it stays in good health. And ofcourse you to. Thanks to my dog I at least go walking every day for about an hour (even when it rains or when i come home tired from my work). This would never happen without her. Having a reliable friend like a dog can only have a possitive effect.

Sally and spaying
Username: RickRandom
"I have heard that after the first season is the best time for spaying, but I seem to recall my vet saying that it wasn't necessary to wait that long. Both that we've had spayed were over 1 year old when we got them, so I can't advise based on actual experience. As well as avoiding potentially unwanted pups, spaying reduces risks of various illnesses.

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