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Module preferences list

September 10, 2008 — BarryK
Tempestuous posted this to the Network Wizard thread on the forum:

Dougal :
Turns out there is also overlap between orinoco_nortel and hostap_plx, orinoco_plx and hostap_plx, orinoco_pci and hostap_pci, and orinoco_tmd and hostap_plx! Tempestuous, where art thou?
It seems the hostap drivers have been updated more recently, so maybe they are the better ones?

I have a new job, so I only have enough time to quickly scan the forum these days.
Yes, that overlap is because the Intersil Prism2 chipset is quite similar to the earlier Orinoco chipset. So some (not all) Orinoco-based devices will work with the hostap family of drivers. Certainly the hostap drivers are more advanced, but I can't say for sure whether they work better. If the answer is yes, then we need to ask Barry to change the PREFLIST line in /etc/rc.d/MODULESCONFIG as such:
PREFLIST=' rt2500usb:rt73usb orinoco_nortel:hostap_plx orinoco_plx:hostap_plx orinoco_tmd:hostap_plx orinoco_pci:hostap_pci '

I have tentatively implemented this. /etc/rc.d/MODULESCONFIG now has this:

#PREFLIST: sometimes there are two hits, that is, two modules match the same

#'modalias'. In such a case, here we can specify a preference. Each entry
#here is of the form 'module1:module2' where module2 is the preferred choice.
PREFLIST=' rt2500usb:rt73usb ath_pci:ath5k orinoco_nortel:hostap_plx orinoco_plx:hostap_plx orinoco_tmd:hostap_plx orinoco_pci:hostap_pci '

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