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Pmount fixed

September 05, 2008 — BarryK
Thanks to information provided by eprv, I was able to fix a bug in Pmount.

Eprv has a CF card with only a single Linux swap partition, and this caused Pmount to crash. In fact, Pmount will crash for any drive without a usable partition or "superfloppy" filesystem.


USB Pmount swap
Username: Flapdoodle
I used Pmount on a 128meg Sony USB flash all swap with Puppy 405 without trouble. Pmount works fine mounting/unmounting. Is this a different Pmount?

Username: Flapdoodle
"The swap file WAS made with Gparted. Just to double check, I did as you said and used Gparted to delete the drive, then remake it as swap. Still no problems with Pmount. I did discover that if a second flashdrive is in place Pmount gets confused and mounts the wrong one. Removing the additional drive restored Pmount to mounting the proper one. Probepart does indeed show it as VFAT, but at twice the size it should be. Probepart also shows the SWAP on the HD as twice its real size (as SWAP). Hope this helps a little rather than making things more confusing.

swap pmount
Username: eprv
"Replacing the XFS cf to EXT3, Puppy 4.07 from usb stick, there is a useable sda1 icon for the EXT3 cf, but Pmount returns same error: Please wait, probing hardware..." /usr/sbin/pmount: line 251: 4972 Aborted This was just fine with 3.01 and 4.00 I think it started with 4.05, so not sure it is the swap problem unless Pmount has changed. Hope that helps

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