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Amended retirement statement

October 02, 2008 — BarryK
Those who have tested 4.1rc may have noticed that the release notes have an amended "retirement" statement:

I have decided to bow out from my position as leader (also known as "Benevolent Dictator") of the Puppy Linux Project (held since I released v0.1 in mid-2003), and take a back seat. Version 4.1 is my final release as leader. A small group of trusted developers will take over, although the details are still to be worked out -- there are a couple of threads on the forum discussing this.
I won't be going away totally, and plan to focus on a "puplet" (derivative of Puppy) based on my "UniPup" concept and targeting specific hardware, probably one or more of the baby laptops. This will be a more part-time project than the hectic full-time pace that I have maintained over the last couple of years.
It is likely that I will keep working on some aspects of the "core" or "base" Puppy, primarily for my puplet but that will be useful for the mainstream Puppy.
Also, I will retain whatever copyright/trademark rights I currently have and continue with ownership of the and domain names. Plus, I will provide input to how and who takes over, hopefully without interfering too much. I see this as providing a kind of safeguard function -- I am mindful of other distros that have languished after the Benevolent Dictator left. Monitor my blog for updates on the transitional phase as I progressively retire.
I think this is a great opportunity, and Puppy will become better and better!


Username: John Biles
Hello Barry K, Please if possible allow your remaster to retain all customized user settings like Dougal's remaster from the later Puppy 2 series. While an experience user is given the option to put back these setting before burning their final remaster, a newbie would have trouble with this. I ask this as it will be only of benefit to Puppy before you retire

Customized remaster
Username: happypuppy
"+1 for returning to the old way of remastering That's one of the most important features I'm missing with the 4.xx series. Even as an experienced user,I prefer to use Dougal's way since having to add every setting manually proves to be too time consuming.Not only that,but some things don't even work with the new way of remastering. Please bring back the most useful Puppy feature ever.

Username: Lobster
"That statement has been here for a few days and here are ideas for 4.2 :happy: which hopefully Barry gets involved in editing as soon as 4.1 is out and the new job settled into (hope that is going well) Rather than maintaining an entirely separate documenting procedure, involvement in the community website will encourage usage and may offer (a locked page for trusted developers for example) a means to focus on areas of interest Also resources such as our artists for the Unipup idea can be made use of . . . As you know control is not lost by sharing; it is enhanced. :happy: . . . also the remastering was easy in 3.01 as it incorporated Dougals easy script and then in the 4 series, as was mentioned, settings which previously were retained were lost effecting the ease of use :doh: 4.1rc (retro) is very fast booting. :happy:

Encouraging Restatement
Username: edoc
"Thank you Barry! I now sense much more confidence in the future of Puppy. doc

Puptrix going away
Username: Ted Dog
"Due to the lack of use verses cost. Puptrix will be non-renewed end of October. So download now! Source files should be moved to the new puppy project. I would like to turn into a T2 source location for puppylinux related sharing. Puptrix contains just at one 4G DVD sized chunk of older mostly MUs' dot.pups (many still useful and a lot fun of games!).

Username: BarryK
" has many source packages for Puppy. I have used it as a source repo for packages that are not in the T2 repo. So a new home will be needed for that. Raffy, yes, if you want my FTP details for puptrix, send me a pm on the forum.
Username: Ted Dog
"OK, Thanks, Barry. Could either of you change the index.html in the folder puppylinux [base for] and point it to something a bit more helpful. Oh the movie staring puppies is number one last weekend.

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