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Bashdiff with GTK widgets

October 01, 2008 — BarryK
This is something we should checkout:


We've already looked at it
Username: rarsa
Hi Barry, Long time ago (or so it seems) bashdiff got into a version of Puppy, someone reported a bug (I still think unrelated) and as a precautionary measure you removed it. I still think that it is a very clever and light weight way of scripting UIs. Plus the add-ons are quite ruch. The only downside I see is that we may get spoiled.

Re: Bashdiff
Username: BarryK
"Oh, ok. I don't recall it having the GTK component back then. But, my memory is sometimes rather selective. It's 6am right now. I get about half an hour to an hour to go online before going to work. I start at 7.30am, but it takes about an hour to get to work, so I leave my residence at 6.30. Then in the evening... well, not getting much Puppy work done then either. Anyway, Saturday is the last day of the Royal Show.

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