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Blog upgraded to v1.1b

October 11, 2008 — BarryK
The "b" does not mean beta, it is a later version than 1.1.

The main thing is now you have a menu when posting a comment. Do note that you can also post code with the 'code' '/code' tags in square brackets.

Changelog for 1.1b:

* BBCODE bug on comments, fixed thanks to Сергей
* RSS Links fixed, thanks to Matthew Everitt
* Some Grammar Corrected, thanks to Irmela
* Added an option to allow HTML on new entry pages
* Added an option to allow only numbers on CAPTCHA
* Fixed old captcha so there is no confusion (ALL CAPS LETTERS)
* Added an option to modify the CAPTCHA lenght
* Added an option to allow WYSIWYG instead of BBCODE (Smilies dont work with WYSIWYG)

Tags: general