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Countdown to 4.1.1

October 21, 2008 — BarryK
I plan to upload 4.1.1rc in a couple of days. The to-do list has become short, or at least the list of what I'm prepared to do has become short:

1. Rerwin has found a problem with mouse detection on certain hardware, and has tentatively proposed a fix.
2. Mike has a patch for ROX, to ignore if file attributes not correct when copying between Linux and Windows filesystems.
3. The Network Wizard needs to be modified to prevent crash when using Ndiswrapper.
4. Maybe one or two other things.

I am driving to Perth today, so will have high-speed upload access for a few days. Then back home, then back in Perth at the end of October when I intend to upload 4.1.1final.

Regarding the 4.1.1final Unleashed CD, any long-time Puppy developer, either a "core" developer or application coder, with an interest in building puppies using Unleashed, send me a pm (with your postal address) to the forum and when it is released I'll post you a CD. No need for any payment! -- you guys have contibuted so much, it's the least I can do.


The occasional mouse
Username: Lobster
1. Rerwin has found a problem with mouse detection on certain hardware, and has tentatively proposed a fix. ======== It seems OK last few day BUT when I first started using 4.1 standard on this new PC config, the mouse would freeze. removing the USB mouse connection and then putting it back in and the mouse would start working . . .

SFS file loading
Username: B
m"I hope the issue of selecting 3 sfs files and loading only two will be included as well."21 Oct 2008, 17:43"00445'bootmanager"eprv"A small issue with 4.1 tried to load two modules with the bootmanager with no parameters. they were loaded to /etc/rc.d/modoulsconfig file but with a semicolon between them, so they actually weren't loaded, here is the auto created line: ADDLIST=' smsc47m192:smsc47m1 ' fixed it to: ADDLIST=' smsc47m192 smsc47m1 ' and it works fine now

Username: Lobster
"[b]LatencyTOP[/b] is a Linux* tool for software developers (both kernel and userspace), aimed at identifying where in the system latency is happening, and what kind of operation/action is causing the latency to happen so that the code can be changed to avoid the worst latency hiccups.

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