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Countdown to 4.1final

October 05, 2008 — BarryK
I intend to build 4.1 final about 10 hours from now, then do several hours of testing on my PCs. If all looks ok, I will release it.


room 4 petch?
Username: lobster
Looking forward to 4.1 This is a tiny util - that will encourage development of package management Can it be sneaked in?

Let puppy mount with the option -o utf8
Username: spuch
"glad to be noticed. i'm using cute puppylinux with the locale file zh_CN.utf8.thanks to,they make some fixs to pmount so that it can mount my disk with many Chinese documents in it. but it seems there is still a mount to my USB stick(i'm using it to boot puppy) at startup so i can't use fixed pmount to mount other words,in my boot disk,the Chinese file names don't display well,because it's no utf8 support. still,i can use little barbie(a good Chinese edition of puppy),but it's made from puppyV400 and also i just want support of Chinese, not localization everywhere.

newer kernel ?
Username: linuxcbon
"Do you plan to use a newer kernel ? The latest stable version of the Linux kernel is:

Mount utf8
Username: Botanic
"(see comment from spuch) I'm also looking for a way to mount disks so that i can see cyrillic letters. I know it's one of the mount options, but it needs the right files... en_US.utf8 or something must be possible

Cannot do yet
Username: BarryK
"utf/cyrillic mounting, needs to be properly investigated for possible inclusion in 4.2. No kernel changes, 4.1 is frozen. Maybe for 4.2. Xorg, yes, version 7.4 is now released, so there may be an upgrade for 4.2.

What about iptables?
Username: zygo
" Posted on 23 Sep 2008, 20:01 by zygo iptables- And I have just spotted iptables is now at

Re: Network Wizard
Username: BarryK
"Yes, the Oct 5 update made it in.

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