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How to recompile the kernel

October 08, 2008 — BarryK
If you want to recompile the kernel with some goodies like tickless and SMP support, I recommend that you do a full hard drive install of Puppy 4.1 (not frugal).

You will need to install the 'devx_410.sfs' file also (C/C++ compiler support), as explained here:

Then download the patched kernel source from here:
and expand it at /usr/src/linux-
...also download everything else.
Then follow the instructions given in the .txt files.

After compiling your new kernel, you can test it in the full installation.

To build a new Puppy with your kernel, you need Puppy Unleashed:

Instructions are at:

In puppy-unleashed/kernels directory you will find '' and '' directories. In the latter, substitute your new 'vmlinuz' and kernel modules.

If you are moving up to the 2.6.26.x kernel, make a copy of the '' with the appropriate new version number, and make appropriate substitutions inside (kernel, modules, and replace DOTconfig-K2.6.25.16, and rename firmware.dep.

For compiling the 2.6.26 kernel, kirk, MU and others have posted some instructions:

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