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Kernel SFS files uploaded

October 10, 2008 — BarryK
As described in recent blog posts, here they are:

These are for 4.1 and 4.1retro.


Username: PeteTX
Thank you! A couple quick questions - * I was wondering how you were going to deal with the psubdir= problem (BootManager ignores Puppy subdir setting and requires extra sfs's to be placed in the main directory instead), given that both 4.1 & 4.1Retro use the same file version designation (410), this would appear to create a name conflict if you tried to install both versions on different subdirs on the same partition. I see that your solution was to diverge from the existing sfs naming convention of placing the version # at the end of the filename, and eliminated "410" entirely. So my question is, is there any way to have Puppy auto-load the kernel src any more? Or will we have to now manually mount it (click on it in ROX?) each time? And does it matter anymore what directory (psubdir or main) it is in now? * My other question is, is now the correct kernel src for compiling device drivers for 4.00 Dingo? Or is there something else for that? Thanks again! Have been keeping an eye on ibiblio all night, putting 4.1 & 4.1Retro Final thru their paces, while waiting for the new files to show-up ;)

Figured-out 1st Q
Username: PeteTX
"OK, I got the new files copied over and messed-around a bit, and managed to figure-out the answer to my first question. If you put them in the psubdir, they are nowhere to be found. But when I moved them out of the PUP_SAVE directory and into the main directory on the partition, they suddenly show-up in the BootManager list! They somehow evaded the Puppy version # filter in the BootManager display. (If you remove the 3-digit version # from the sfs filename, it evades the filtering in the BootManager list, is that correct?) I then flipped-off the BootManager "load all" option, and manually selected the proper version for my kernel, then re-booted, and that seemed to have worked. Of course, you still have to select the right version, as BootManager lists both of them regardless of which version (4.1 or retro) you are running at the time. But I don't see any way around that problem, until psubdir= gets fixed to allow it to auto-load from the same subdir as PUP_SAVE. Perhaps that is something they can look into in 4.2?

Re: SFS loading
Username: BarryK
"Extra SFS files always go into the top directory, /mnt/home, not in any subdirectory. Only SFS files with _410.sfs will get automatically loaded if that checkbox is ticked in the BootManager. Untick it, and manually choose what you want to load. The BootManager has a 'help' button that explains this.

Re: 4.00 kernel compiling
Username: BarryK
"It is documented in a readme here: along with the patched source. It is the same kernel as used in 3.01, except for a later squashfs patch (3.3). And yes, it can be compiled in 4.00.

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