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Limit of 2 extra sfs files

October 05, 2008 — BarryK
Thanks to forum member 'Bm' who reported this.

I had introduced an option for the 'zdrv' sfs file to load as a layer, and the 'createpuppy' script is able to build Puppy with a separate zdrv file that will load inthis way -- however 4.1 is built with no zdrv, all modules built-in to the main sfs file. When I coded this in the /init script in the initrd, it introduced a bug, only allowing two extra sfs files to load(should be three).


make multi language puppy!
Username: qqdan
Puppy is not Multilingual and Not Asian Language Support.Small Barbie Linux(Chinese Puppy) is testing this work. Please visit: Download Chinese pet: This pet include 130 mo files(*.mo). transforming mo to po to Multilingual puppy will be very easy!

chinese mo list:
Username: qqdan
"it's mo list(in/usr/share/locale/zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/): ......

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