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More on ndiswrapper

October 20, 2008 — BarryK
I found this in my blog, back in 2006:

The ndiswrapper "Tips" page has this advice:
After loading the module or NDIS driver, if you notice keyboard or mouse lock up or if capslock is flashing, most likely the kernel has crashed. This happens for various reasons:

* You may have used a driver/card that is not supported. Make sure that you are using the driver corresponding to the chipset listed on the Supported Chipsets page.
* Make sure the card is not powered off either by BIOS or by Windows. You should check if the card is in 'Always enabled' mode or something similar in BIOS. You may also be able to enable the card by pressing Fn-F2 or some other key designed to enable the card.

Yep, I got all three of those, flashing LEDs, frozen keyboard and mouse.

Running the pristine 4.1.1pre k2.6.25.16, I tried this directly in a terminal:

# rmmod acx_mac80211
# rmmod mac80211
# rmmod cfg80211
# ndiswrapper -i wg311.inf
# ndiswrapper -l
# modprobe ndiswrapper
Segmentation fault

Everything is fine until I try to load the ndiswrapper module. Puppy still works, so the Wizard is not recognising this failure and has ploughed ahead and the keyboard and mouse freeze.

Interesting, after 'modprobe ndiswrapper', lsmod shows the module is loaded. I cannot unload it, get a message that it is busy.


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