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Ndiswrapper bug

October 11, 2008 — BarryK
The version of Network Wizard used in 4.1 has a bug. grab an update, see this thread:

...someone should make that into a PET package, for those who don't know how to install from a .tar.gz.

It looks like we will have to bring out a Service Pack for 4.1, and another release, 4.1.1, with the Service Pack included.


Username: MU
PET: I will try to create a link, but don't know if this blog supports it: <a href=""></a> Mark

Re: bbcode
Username: BarryK
"MU, this blog supports 'bbcode', so the tag is... let me see if I can post it as 'code': [code]your url here[/code] Anyway, I am just about to upgrade this blog, and you will have a menu for comments for inserting various tags. Here is the URL:

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