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Network Wizard Oct 29

October 31, 2008 — BarryK
Dougal has put in a massive effort and updated the Network Wizard:

Ok, another update:
- Localization is done, just need people to start translating.
- Add extra sleep time at boot for PCMCIA NICs.
- Add Barry's code for cleaning old-wizard style config files.
- Tidy up the code that checks for new interfaces after new module is loaded (also
wait up to 10 seconds, in case it is slow to initialize).
- Add a blacklist_module function, to add module to SKIPLIST, in /etc/rc.d/MODULESCONFIG.
- If user goes to unload a acx*, warn that it causes instability and offer to just blacklist.
- Remove "dev $INTERFACE" from the end of the route commands (see Sit Heel Speaks report).
- rt28[67]0* to WPA whitelist

I would like like to wait for some feedback before putting it into 4.1.1final, so please grab the package and test it: is a tarball, not a PET package, so you will have to expand it then drag the files into the correct locations.

It's Friday morning 7.30am here in Perth Western Australia. I've got a few other things to do this weekend, but will fit in some Puppy testing -- I'll build 4.1.1final and test it for a couple of days. Then on Sunday I'll check the feedback on the Network Wizard, make sure that's ok,I'll also check the 4.1.1rc-bugs thread. If everything looks ok, or close enough, 4.1.1final will be out Sunday afternoon.



Username: B
m"Indeed warm thanks to Dougal. The last 2 weeks I tried to help quite some people with the NW setup. Indeed few information was given, it had to be teared out. Maybe I contributed to Dougal's workload as I had to sent some people to his NW thread. (sorry Dougal) ;-)

Another Update
Username: Dougal
"I'm just uploading another little update. It's just a couple of little things that should not break anything for people.

Is Dougal an Alien? :n_n:
Username: Bert
"Must be. How else could he post the above on the [b]32th[/b] of October: <<[i]Posted on 32 Oct 2008, 3:54 by Dougal Another Update [/i]>>

Net Wiz Oct 31
Username: BarryK
"Ok, upgraded, testing in 4.1.1 "rc2".

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