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ROX-Filer file copy error message

October 17, 2008 — BarryK
Aarf also reported an error message when he used ROX-Filer to copy a file. Others have also reported this problem, although the file does actually copy ok. This is a problem when filesare copied from a Linux filesystem to a msdos/vfat filesystem and it was not possible to maintain the same file attributes.

ROX really should not report this as a failure to copy the file. I am thinking of having a go at hacking ROX to not show this error message. Note that 4.1 is using ROX-Filer version '2.6.1-pup9'. If anyone more competent at hacking C code than me would like to tackle this, please do. The source code (not pristine 2.6.1, already hacked by Nathan), is to be found here:


Rox works
Username: Lobster
[i]"Others have also reported this problem, although the file does actually copy ok."[/i] I had this today, when copying files for a friend.I knew from experience that the files were copied but . . . a new user would assume not copied It is a serious and disconcerting bug. I hope you can hack it :)

Hacking ROX
Username: BarryK
"I don't think I can get the time, plus I never feel comfortable hacking C code. Anyone like to volunteer? I know we have some very good C coders...

No need to hack ROX
Username: lluamco
"Hi Barry, in ROX's faq it is stated that "The 'quiet' mount option can be used in /etc/fstab to stop the message being displayed." I have tried it and it works. Here it is the entry in my /etc/fstab /dev/sdb1 /mnt/sdb1 vfat rw,quiet,dmask=0022,iocharset=iso8859-1 0 0 I'm sure you can easily add the 'quite' option when mounting vfat and ntfs partitions. Hope that helps

What is the error message?
Username: Mike Lockmoore
"Barry, what is the specific error message (at least part of it I could do a text search on)? I'm good with C, but I've never looked through the ROX Filer source code, so I don't know exactly where to look at the code that is popping the message up.

ROX fail msg
Username: BarryK
"Error message: [i]Operation not permitted Failed to copy '/root/untitled10' Done There was one error.[/i] Then, only the Cancel button is active. Hit Cancel button, but the file is still copied ok. The file attributes though have been changed from 644 to 755 (all execute flags set).

I don't think it's a bug
Username: rarsa
"This functionality is by design so users know that they are loosing the file attributes. So technically is not a bug, Although the message is quite confusing as this should be a warning, not an error.

Username: Mike Lockmoore
"I've done some experiments. I modified the code to check whether the copy exists in the destination directory. If it exists, the current error message is skipped. However, I tried to get the message to produce a warning message if the mode (permission bits) are different for the copy compared to the original. I can see the warning message if I add a sleep() call to pause the action box, but without it it blinks away so fast, the user will not get to see the warning. What I'd like to use is a message box with just an OK button in it to warn the user about the permission bits being different... but the ROX-Filer action box is not quite right for this job. It has "Cancel" "Yes" "No" and "Quiet" buttons... none of which is really appropriate for a warning. Any suggestions?

Skipped warning
Username: BarryK
"I don't know anything about GTK programming, so cannot advise. Wouldn't it be good enough to check that the file permission bits are different and if so just skip the error dialog window? Would need to be careful that it doesn't get skipped if something is really wrong though, like the destination file smaller. I know it would be nice to have the warning though.

Quick hack
Username: BarryK
"Mike, I appreciate what you're doing. Probably just a basic hack to avoid the error msg if permission bits differ is good enough for the upcoming 4.1.1. At least then, people won't think that the file didn't get copied/moved.

mount -o quiet
Username: lluamco
"The error message does not appear if mounting of vfat (and I presume ntfs) filesystems is handled with the "-o quiet" option. I have checked it (only for vfat) replacing every "mount -t vfat ..." by "mount -t vfat - o quiet ..." (and similarly for ntfs )in the following files: /usr/local/bin/drive_all /usr/sbin/pmount and replacing "ntfs-3g $CMDPRMS -o umask=0,no_def_opts ..." by "ntfs-3g $CMDPRMS -o umask=0,no_def_opts,quiet ..." and "busybox moun busybox mount -r -t ntfs $CMDPRMSt -r -t ntfs $CMDPRMS" by "busybox mount -r -t ntfs -o quiet $CMDPRMS" in file /bin/pmount

ROX code fix
Username: Mike Lockmoore
"I posted a reply in your more recent blog post about changing the mount options as suggested by lluamco above. If you still would like a code fix for ROX, I can get it to you now. -- Mike

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