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(SP1) Check dependencies of installed PET pkgs

October 18, 2008 — BarryK
I have implemented this. It is a separate menu entry, labelled "Check dependencies installed pkg" in the Setup menu.

This was implemented by a new script, /usr/local/petget/, in the 'petget' package. The version of this package is now '411'.

The script determines what repo the package comes from and looks in that repo only for dependent packages. For an "alien" package, one that you downloaded from anywhere and clicked on the install, the script looks in all known repos.

Note that the repos Puppy knows about are in /root/.packages/livepackage$REPO.txt, where $REPO can be any string. The official repos are currently "2", "3" and "4". For the current repo, 4, puppy looks in /root/.packages/livepackages.txt.
A new repo can be added, say livepackages_EXTRAPUP4.txt, but PETget will also have to be updated to know where to look online for those packages.
....hmmm, I wonder if we could incorporate that info into /root/.packages, that PETget can read?



Tags: puppy