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(SP1) DidiWiki fixed

October 23, 2008 — BarryK
Forum member 'friednoodle' has reported that DidiWiki does not save pages.

When 'didiwiki' starts, a directory is created, /root/spot/.didiwiki, with permissions 755. This is only writable by the owner. I had to change it to 777, world-writable, then DidiWiki was able to create new pages. Each page is a separate file inside /root/spot/.didiwiki.

According to friednoodle, it worked in Puppy 3.01. Does it work in 4.00? -- nothing has changed in 4.1 so I presume not. Anyway, I have applied this quick fix of 777, but that is not satisfactory from a security perspective. In the long term it will have to be solved properly.

Tags: puppy