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(SP1) Firmware loading for DVB USB

October 16, 2008 — BarryK
I need to correct a statement that I made in an earlier blog post. Just running 'modprobe dvb-usb' will not install the firmware tarball. If you want to have the firmware tarball install as a consequence of 'dvb-usb.ko' loading, it needs to be added in the BootManager. If you select this module to load, at next boot the firmware tarball will also install, prior to the module actually loading -- look in /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit, where the 'ADDLIST' variable is processed, and you will see the 'firmware_module_func'.

Anyway, I have modified /etc/modules/firmware.dep. and firmware.dep. with this line:


These are modules that are loaded if the appropriate USB hardware is detected, either at bootup or hotplugged. In either case, udevd will install the firmware tarball prior to loading the module. Take a look at the script /sbin/pup_event_backend_modprobe, which is what udevd calls to process each modalias value (see /etc/udev/rules.d/50-udev-puppy-basic.rules).

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