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(SP1) Loading 3 extra SFS files

October 16, 2008 — BarryK
4.1 can only load two extra SFS files, although the BootManager can select three. I had reported this fixed after 4.1beta, however neglected to verify that it was actually fixed. I had fixed the code in the /init script in the initial ramdisk, however what I did not realise is that another directory is required in the initial ramdisk, /pup_ro6. I have now created that.

Actually, this is not fixable in the SP1, as it requires a modification to initrd.gz, however this fix will be in 4.1.1.


Why not more SFS's
Username: JB
It's probably been asked before, but what is the limitation behind adding say 5, 10, or more SFS's at the same time to Puppy? Just curious, as it sure is an easy way to add and remove software.

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