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(SP1) Mouse detection refinements

October 28, 2008 — BarryK
Rerwin has been testing 4.1.1rc and has posted a refinement to /usr/X11R7/bin/xwin, the X startup script, to improve handling of change to the detected mouse type.

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Capoverde, also testing 4.1.1rc, reported that could not unmount a ntfs partition by right-click-menu on the desktop drive icon, but could from Pmount. I cannot reproduce that. Unmounting code is the same for both, so it is more likely that capoverde had different conditions for each -- unmount will fail if a process is still running in the partition.


Username: hairywill
Makes sense to be cautious. The mods to the gradient themes shouldn't have any dramatic effects except improving contrast. Are [b]you[/b] aware of anything that uses /root/.jwm/jwmrc-personal2 On a trivial note your blog title is now [i]Barry Kauler - Powered by PPLOG[/i] what kind of wattage do you get out of PPLOG? ;) When can we have the package manager restarting jwm after running fixmenus?

NTFS unmount problem
Username: capoverde
"Yes Barry, that was what surprised me: no process should have been running in the NTFS partition when unmounting was attempted. I had been showing Puppy to a colleague musician on his PC, using a remastered Puppy 4.1.1rc with the addition of Musescore plus dependencies -- my first try at remastering Puppy, and all worked flawlessly. The problem arose after mounting the Win XP partition and copying a small .pdf file to it, which should take at most half a second before exiting all processes, if I'm not missing something. And then, Pmount did the job normally. I'd like to delve deeper into this, but there's no NTFS partition in any of my HDs: I may try making one with Gparted -- would also test whether it no longer takes more than 2 mins to get it ready on this box... many thanks for this, too.

Update: NTFS unmount problem - no bug!
Username: capoverde
"As far as I can now understand, this is (most probably) what happened -- and can be reproduced, showing it does not depend on the NTFS partition but rather on my lack of knowledge... :( 1) made a "/root/.fonts/" folder, with a link to Win's Fonts directory; 2) mounted the Win partition to have those fonts available and made a document using one or more of them; 3) saved the document in .pdf format in Puppy's Home directory, copied it also into Win's Documents folder, then closed the application with which the document had been made; 4) viewed the .pdf file in Puppy's "Home" with Epdf, then attempted to unmount the Win partition, getting the error message. This means that Epdf goes to the originating fonts folder if it can, then keeping a reading process open into Win's folder; however, if it is started [u]after[/u] unmounting the Win partition, it gets the fonts info anyway (from the .PDF document itself, I guess), since there are no missing or "substituted" fonts -- I tried with several of them. This is probably old hat to everybody but to me: I'd have sworn that no processes had been left open in the Win partition. Sorry for the false alarm, Barry!

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