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(SP1) Network Wizard fixes

October 23, 2008 — BarryK
I have posted to the forum:

The content of my forum post:

I have hacked the '' script from Oct. 16 Wizard.

This "fixes" the handling of blacklisting.

I also put in further information in the ndiswrapper dialog box, clarifying which interface, if any, needs to be brought down, and warning of the risk of the system becoming unstable if a wireless module is unloaded -- and explanation how to use the BootManager to get around this.

I've only done some basic testing. Haven't created a diff file. Done quickly, and Dougal might like to tidy it up a bit.

My edits have "v411" in the comments.

The forum post has the '' script, gunzip it and move to /usr/sbin.

Note also, I have put extra ndiswrapper warning into the old 4.00-based Network Wizard.


Blacklisting Modules
Username: Dougal
I meant to comment on the previous Network Wizard post, but this here is even a better place: I don't think the wizard should have to work hard to blacklist modules or start up the boot manager -- it's all too complicated. The boot manager is a gui script that runs by simplt running "bootmanager" with no arguments, right? So why not add some? For example, it already includes code to blacklist module, so it can be used to do so from other programs: At the beginning, you can add something like: if [ "$1" = "-b" ] ; then shift for ONE in $@ ; do # do what you need to add it to SKIPLIST done # write the updated SKIPLIST exit fi It just seems pointless that every time you need to blacklist a module you'll have to either launch the bootmanager or have your own code -- this way it's just a matter of running bootmanager -b acx acx-mac80211 and the modules will be blacklisted...

Re: blacklisting
Username: BarryK
"Dougal, yes, that would be a good refinement, for the future.

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