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(SP1) Realign desktop drive icons

October 30, 2008 — BarryK
I decided to squeeze this one in, at least basic functionality, as it has been requested a few times.

The "snap to" when dragging desktop icons around is set to "fine", which is only 2 pixels, so it is difficult to place the icons in a nice row. Then, if you have moved them and a new one appears (say, a USB drive or optical disc plugged in) then it may not draw nicely in-line with the others. If this situation arises, you need to erase and redraw them all, so I have added a checkbox in the Event Manager that does just that.

Most users though, will not have this need, if they leave the icons alone, as they drew originally. I don't know about pup_save upgrade problems if there any pre-existing HotPup icons -- they would cause confusion and would have to be wiped.

I have been booting 4.1.x on any PCs that I can get my hands on, and the drive icons always draw in a nice row, just above the tray. Those people who have reported overlapping icons, well, perhaps there are old HotPup icons, as I mentioned above. Or, perhaps you moved a drive icon.


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Username: nic2109
Sorry if this comment is too late to be of any use.... I really hope that some sort of "Auto-arrange" can be accomplished for desktop icons. As I [u]always[/u] have to run a .pet to install an ATi graphics driver before my laptop can display the correct resolution I then [u]always[/u] have to manually re-arrange the icons, and getting them lined up nicely is a real "hit-or-miss" affair. I'll welcome anything that's an improvement!

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