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(SP1) ROX error msg when copy file

October 20, 2008 — BarryK
As reported earlier, ROX gives an error message when some files are copied to a vfat filesystem, when file attributes are not preserved. I have modified /usr/local/bin/drive_all (the handler for desktop drive icons) and /usr/sbin/pmount so that vfat filesystems are mounted with 'quiet' option:

mount -t vfat -o shortname=mixed,quiet <device> <mount point>


Test post

ROX code patch
Username: Mike Lockmoore
"Barry: If you are still interested in the a patch for ROX that can provide a more helpful warning message, or suppress the error message completely, I now have a solution. Is there a good place I can drop a modified action.c file from ROX, or a diff between the original and my modified version?

ROX patch
Username: BarryK
"Mike, yes please. I have only got the 'quiet' option for vfat, as the docs for ntfs-3g do not show 'quiet' as an acceptable option. Could you email it to me, bkaulerATgooseeDOTcom

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