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(SP1) Rxvt terminal emulator rollback

October 30, 2008 — BarryK
Puppy 4.00 and 4.1 have Rxvt version 2.7.10. I think that's the version T2 uses. It is dated 2003 and on the Rxvt site it is the "development" release. The last "stable" release is 2.6.4, dated 2001.

Anyway, we have experienced trouble with pasting from the selection buffer. In Geany, highlight some text, then in Rxvt click the middle button, nothing pastes. But, it works fine from Abiword. There was another text editor I tested, can't recall its name, but it has the same problem.

Forum member 'tazoc' reported that rxvt from Puppy 3.01 (which is version 2.6.4) works fine in 4.1.1rc. I tested, highlight in Geany then paste, yes, it works! Thread:

Ok, I have rolled rxvt back to version 2.6.4.

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