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Trouble with ndiswrapper

October 20, 2008 — BarryK
I'm testing 4.1.1pre, and the build with has trouble with ndiswrapper, at least on my test PC. It gets to the final dialog window where it states that ndiswrapper has loaded successfully, then the computer freezes. I have to press the reset button. However, the build with kernel works ok with ndiswrapper.

I also tried the old Network Wizard, at /usr/local/net_setup/usr/sbin/, and still get the freezing.

Also, there were a couple of potential issues that I came across while testing ndiswrapper and the Network Wizard:

It asked if I wanted to blacklist 'acx-mac80211' module and I replied yes. But, in 4.1.x, k2.6.25.16, there is also the older 'acx' module, and that will load at bootup if the other is prevented.

Then there's the blacklist mechanism itself, that I don't understand. A file /etc/rc.d/blacklisted-modules. is created with 'acx-mac80211' in it, but I don't see anywhere that this file is being used to prevent the module from loading. Note, there is already a blacklist mechanism, the SKIPLIST variable in /etc/rc.d/MODULESCONFIG, that the Wizard is not utilising.

So, the big question: has anybody got ndiswrapper to work on the build, using Dougal's Oct. 16 Wizard? if not, then there is something fundamentally wrong, not related to the Wizard.


Username: KJ
I have not tried Dougal's Oct. 16 Wizard, but ndiswrapper works on the stock Puppy 4.1.0 build, using the update and a rt73 xp driver for me. Before I installed the .pet update, ndiswrapper seemed to just freeze up. KJ

ndiswrapper wg111v2 OK
Username: lluamco
"Just to inform you that my netgear wg111v2 works using ndiswrapper in Puppy 4.1 and the Dougal's Oct. 16 Wizard. It also works using the

Username: Dougal
"1) Does the old "acx" module use the old networking stack?? I can't see why it should be compiled at all and, in any case, it should probably be blacklisted by default, so it will only be loaded if the user explicitly asks for it. 2) On several occations, when posting the list of changes in an update, I noted that the BLACKLIST_FILE variable (at the top of should be modified to match the one used by Puppy (since I wasn't sure what it is...) My idea is that the file contains the list of modules to blacklist and the init script just cat's it into the SKIPLIST variable. That way all one has to do to blacklist a module is echo the module name into that file.

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