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Why puppyserialdetect was removed

October 16, 2008 — BarryK
I was asked today why 4.1 does not have 'puppyserialdetect' at bootup. Three reasons:

1. Sometimes causes hang at bootup, as for example:
"it boots but freezes on puppyserialdetect is running. I have to switch off to get out."
(, also:

2. Not reliable.
There was very strange behaviour, where sometimes a modem or serial mouse was detected, sometimes not.

3. Slow.
4.1 was a major exercise to speed up booting, and puppyserialdetect can be very slow. If I recall rightly, this was due to the modem probing.


What about non-modem devices?
Username: edoc
I have a weather station which communicates via the serial port & cannot figure out how to talk to it using Puppy 4.1 Is there a provision for non-modem serial devices? Thanks! doc

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