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'init' script in Puppy/Woof

November 09, 2008 — BarryK
Just a little note, so that I don't step on anyone else's toes. I am rewriting the 'init' script in the initial ramdisk. This will apply to both Puppy and Woof.

A few times I have got the urge to rewrite 'init'. Usually I perceive weaknesses in its structure, it has become too complicated, or whatever. I did a complete rewrite for Puppy4, following a new logical structure -- but even so, perhaps others find it complicated. As far as number of lines of code goes, comparing (I filtered out the comment lines, so this is lines of pure code):

Puppy 2.17: 1318 lines
Puppy 3.01: 923 lines
Puppy 4.1.1: 1087 lines

Anyway, I have some ideas for streamlining, so will have a go at another rewrite. I was prompted to commence this when the Ubuntu kernel did not boot properly -- as reported recently in this blog, I have been testing the Ubuntu Intrepid "generic" kernel in Puppy.

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