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4.1.2: Bugfix for /tmp/versioncleanup

November 25, 2008 — BarryK
A bug report for 4.1.1 was that when a version upgrade of the pup_save is performed, old superceeded files are supposed to be archived in /tmp/versioncleanup, but they aren't. I have fixed that, theoretically anyway.

I modified the 'init' script in the initial ramdisk. Here are instructions for manually applying the fix if you have Unleashed 4.1.1:

1. Open puppy-unleashed/boot/initrd-tree0/init in a text editor.
2. Go down to about line 1280 and insert text as shown here:

#to minimise writes to pup_save and to speedup, tmpfs on /tmp...

if [ "$CREATETMPFS" != "/pup_rw" ];then #test if no tmpfs on unionfs top layer.
mount -t tmpfs -o size=${ALLOCK}k tmpfs /pup_new/tmp

#v412 bugfix, versioncleanup dir gets overwritten by this tmpfs on tmp...
if [ -d $OLDFILESMNTPT/tmp/versioncleanup ];then
cp -a $OLDFILESMNTPT/tmp/versioncleanup /pup_new/tmp/
[ $? -ne 0 ] && rm -rf /pup_new/tmp/versioncleanup #precaution, if tmpfs gets full.
rm -rf $OLDFILESMNTPT/tmp/versioncleanup

##want var to be in the tmpfs...
#cp -a /pup_new/var /pup_new/tmp/
#rm -rf /pup_new/var #note, this creates a .wh.var whiteout file in pup_rw.
#ln -snf tmp/var /pup_new/var
#[ -d /pup_new/root/.thumbnails ] && rm -rf /pup_new/root/.thumbnails #image cache for rox.
#mkdir /pup_new/tmp/thumbnails
#ln -snf tmp/thumbnails /pup_new/root/.thumbnails

I haven't tested this fix. Will do so before releasing 4.1.2. I'm so into Woof these days, don't have much enthusiasm for fixing bugs in 4.1.1. But, there are a couple more important ones, such as Pmount crashing, so I'll do those. I intend to go down to Perth in about a week, so will attempt to schedule the release of 4.1.2 then.


Username: 01micko
Seems WhoDo and co are waiting for 412 (self incuded). I know Woof is your current priority but puppy must(sorry to be so abrupt, especially since I'm a noob) be a (at least in the short term) responsibility. (Bad habit these braces). BTW,thanks for puppylinux, much appreciated.

4.12 Release Date?
Username: edoc
"Is there a release date for 4.12 please? 4.11 bugs are driving me nuts! I am trying to get three 4.11 laptops ready for a trip in a couple of weeks and having lots of problem - am praying that 4.12 will be more stable. Have a productive & safe trip to Perth! Thanks for everything!

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