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New names for files in Woof and derivatives

November 13, 2008 — BarryK
I have implemented this in Woof. File woof-unleashed/DISTRO_SPECS has some overall specifications:

#prefix for distro files... exs: woof_600.sfs, woof_save.2fs

When the distro is built, this file ends up at /etc/DISTRO_SPECS.

If built with a 'zdrv' file, it is named 'woof_zdrv_600.sfs', or whatever the variables specify.

I have modified all the scripts accordingly.

One advantage of this system is that if you wanted to create a derivative of Woof, say 'Bark', change these:

All files will be prefixed with "bark", for example 'bark_save.2fs', so they can't get mixed up with any other derivative.

All messages in dialog boxes and elsewhere will display this as the distro name. For example, the main Help page will have "Welcome to Bark Linux".


Woof Woof
Username: Lobster
Good news about Woof, in particular a possible Python based language 'PupPy' :happy: I recently created a simple puplet based on 4.1.1 Linux Tmxxine [b]Dark Force[/b] It includes the full Python and Idle Editor During the construction I had to manually put LIT (a program that runs on Startup) in the Startup directory (created as a temp directory) Should the contents of the Startup Directory be automatically added to any remastering?

8 characters in filenames
Username: Leon
"From my experience with one of the earlier releases of Grafpup a system file with more then 8 characters in filename could cause problems when using grub4dos frugal install in DOS/FreeDOS/Windows environment. Author of Grafpup then changed the name of the file to 8 characters in name. I suggest to keep 8 characters naming conventions as used in Puppy. Puppy pup_xxx.sfs zdrv_xxx.sfs pup_save.2fs Woof woof_xxx.sfs wooz_xxx.sfs woo_save.2fs

8+3 filenames
Username: BarryK
"yes, I was wondering if I really needed to stick to that format. I suppose also: woof_xxx.sfs woofzxxx.sfs woofsave.2fs

8+3 again
Username: BarryK
"Or, for consistency: woofrxxx.sfs #"r" is for "root filesystem", (or "v" for version) woofzxxx.sfs woofsave.2fs

Sort order
Username: Leon
"Yes, that seems to be better. The Sort order is interesting too. woofrxxx.sfs #"r" is for "root filesystem" woofsave.2fs woofzxxx.sfs woofsave.2fs woofvxxx.sfs #"v" for "version" woofzxxx.sfs

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